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PHOEBE SOEBAGYO - Holistic Health Practitioner


Phoebe is the founder and facilitator of Innate Alchemy.  

From an early age, Phoebe has had a deep interest & curiosity in science, nature, the world, the body, the mind, consciousness, health and medicine. Having a thorough understanding of the inner workings of the body, Phoebe holds a Bachelors Degree in Medical Science, specialising in anatomy and neuroscience.  She then went on to further her interests in the brain, mental health & the power of the mind by completing a Masters Degree in Mental Health and Research in Neuroscience.  

For the last 13 years, Phoebe has consciously been on her own healing journey since her first major healing paradigm shift and health crisis at 17 years old.  Since then she has been investigating  holistic therapies that address all levels of mind, body & spirit, such as meditation, yoga, natural therapies and traditional medicine systems.  Being a curious world wide explorer and knowledge seeker, Phoebe has extensively traveled to and lived in various countries to learn more about herself, others, culture and traditional-natural medicine.  She has learned teachings and has worked alongside natural medicine practitioners in Mexico, Nepal, India, Hawaii and Indonesia.  

Phoebe is a Reiki Master/Teacher, an intuitive medium, Tarot Reader and Energy Healer.  She is a certified Hatha Yoga teacher and Hypnotherapist.  She is a Massage therapist, specialising in relaxation and traditional style: Balinese, Hawaiian Lomi-Lomi & Thai Yoga massage.  Each massage style learned and trained in the country of origin by local teachers that Phoebe sought after to learn the essence and honour the lineage of the traditional wisdom.  She is training in further natural medicine systems and currently offers her bodywork, energy healing and intuitive readings face to face from Byron Bay, NSW, with healing sessions & readings available world wide distantly.  Phoebe is passionate in providing a safe space to facilitate and awaken others' inner healing forces, their innate healing potential to heal themselves as well as empowering others to take accountability for their own health & happiness.