Reiki, pronounced ‘ray-ki’, is an ancient natural healing method rediscovered by Dr. Mikao Usui in Japan in the early 1900’s. Reiki means “universal life force energy”, it is a subtle yet profound, non-invasive, hands on, energy medicine modality that greatly helps restore the bodies natural balance on a mind, body and spiritual level by assisting the body in healing and repairing itself. 

Reiki works on the body's energy field which in turn helps recalibrate the whole bodies systems by directing energy to the major organs and main energy centres (chakras) to restore normal, vital life flow/“chi”.

Reiki is deeply relaxing, often recipients entering a deep meditative-like state.  When in a deep state of relaxation the body activates its parasympathetic nervous system, a state where the bodies innate mechanisms for rest, repair and healing take place. 

Those experiencing stress and anxiety often find Reiki brings them back to their centre-point, where they feeling better equipped to navigate through life with increased clarity and direction. 

Studies have shown Reiki relaxes the nervous system, relieves stress, reduces pain, settles blood pressure, stimulates digestion, improves skin tonicity, promotes sleep and improves mood. It can be used safely alongside all medical treatment and  helps improve the outcome of medical treatments, helping all physical and mental ailments by stimulating the bodies natural healing processes. On an emotional level, Reiki helps identify and connect with your feelings with more objective understanding, increasing self esteem, self acceptance and self love. 

It is a deeply nurturing, restorative and relaxing treatment, a perfect SELF CARE gift to self.

Phoebe’s Reiki Energy treatments include crystal therapy, chakra alignments, chakra balancing, clearings, body scans, and a complementary intuitive energy chakra readings/medical intuitive reading based on the information that is received during the Reiki treatment.  

The reading in itself is another layer of the healing process, it integrates the session and provides clients clarity, awareness, insight and direction to reflect upon in different areas of their life. Reiki Readings can be recorded by client’s own devices.

Want to experience the multifold benefits Reiki healing has on your holistic health & wellbeing?