"Phoebe is a fantastic massage therapist! She has a welcoming and friendly nature, gets the pressure right, and leaves you feeling super relaxed, both emotionally and physically. This girl knows her stuff. I would definitely recommend her!" - Lauren Posmyk


"Phoebe has the most loving and healing energy which just pours through all of her healing - massage, reiki, tarot - her massages are amazing! She is such a gentle intuitive soul, which only adds to her magical treatments." - Kerri Pietsch

"I had a beautiful experience when I received a long distant tarot reading from phoebe. Phoebe is a powerfully empathic channel, she made me feel completely safe and held during my reading, giving me a thorough and clear understanding of what was happening for me. She was so accurate with her reading, that I have no doubts to her gifts and ability to seamlessly connect with spirit and deliver needed messages. Phoebe is a beautiful soul who I HIGHLY recommend if you are in need of answers, gentleness and love." - Kaytlin Hancock

"Phoebe is not only an incredible massage therapist but a beautiful soul with healing energy and access to some potent visions and downloads. A reiki session with this beauty (after a delicious Lomi Lomi massage) left me feeling a perfect combination of relaxed, activated and showered with insights. If you ever have a chance to experience Phoebe's magic don't hesitate! What a gem you are Phoebe!" - Bea Maz

"Phoebe is a beautiful and intuitive soul. I had an amazing lomi lomi massage, a reiki session and a tarot reading. Phoebe's intuitive reiki and tarot readings were spot on, she was generous with her time and every minute I was with her I was fully cared for. Phoebe is in her element with her work and you can tell she is aligned with her soul purpose. Keep doing what you are doing lovely, I'm super grateful for your time." - Melissa Rhodes

"Phoebe is an extremely sensitive , knowledgeable and intuitive practitioner.  I appreciated her tarot card readings which confirmed the path the I am taking in my current life journey.  She is a very brilliant health professional with a strong education as a medical science researcher combining this with an eclectic practice of alternative health modalities.  Phoebe combines her innate intuition and care for her clients with sensitivity to the needs of her client.  I felt very safe and well cared for by Phoebe during her session with me.  Phoebe is highly professional and ethical in her approach to her integrated health practice.  I highly recommend Innate Alchemy in every person’s health and life journey. She is a gem and her input for a person’s quality of life is precious.  Thanks Phoebe!" - Maria-Lourdes Doronila

"Phoebe I had such a lovely treatment experience with you. I felt so comfortable in your space and under your healing hands. My massage was so relaxing and the Reiki was unlike anything I had experienced. Was the best self loving treat to myself. Thank you 🙏" - Antoinette Crawford

"Thank you Phoebe for a wonderful experience 🙏 The massage was so refreshing and relaxing, I am so grateful. I felt so comfortable and safe in your presence, how great it is to feel so welcomed, cared for and nurtured. Your energy is so compassionate and loving, bless your beautiful heart 💕
Keep sharing your light and love, the world needs it!" - Lia Hibner

"I have had the pleasure of receiving both the massage and tarot services from Innate Alchemy. During the massage, I also had a reiki session, and I felt so calm, relaxed and balanced after the experience. Phoebe was really attentive, professional and warm in her approach. I am looking forward to the next time it is offered in Canberra! The tarot session I had was absolutely mind-blowing. Phoebe was so knowledgeable about tarot and intuitively connected with me and the cards. I felt heard, validated, informed and guided. I highly recommend the tarot to anyone who has been considering it. Phoebe was also flexible with my time changes and responded quickly to any questions I had about either service" - Dunja Rad

"I have had the good fortune of meeting the gorgeous Phoebe and receiving her relaxing Balinese massage, which I highly recommend for both relaxation and therapeutic treatments - she really does have the skills, touch and manner required for healing body work. More recently I have had a tarot card reading with Phoebe, which was exceptional - she is truly gifted and wonderfully talented for her work and offerings to the world! Keep up the great work Phoebe, and I look forward to many more massages and readings from you!" - Michelle Davis

"I had the pleasure of a incredible Hawaiian massage and Reiki session by this beautiful lady. I was blown away at the deep level of relaxation she brought me to. Every cell of my body was happy and my nervous system regulated after many months of being dis regulated. I highly recommend phoebe and her beautiful touch. It was perfect. The insights she gave me from listening deeply to my body was powerfully accurate. Her intuition and Channeling very clear. Can't wait till my next session with her." - Jewels Stevens

"What a beautiful experience. Many thanks to Phoebe for her sensitive and powerful work. I heartily recommend her to anyone seeking nurturing, heart filled healing hands." - Cassandra Curran

"I love Phoebe's compassionate and 100% loving energy work with Reiki (and her really helpful insights) and her massages are very deeply healing, restoring and balancing. I've had quite a few sessions with Phoebe and I always feel lighter, brighter and more connected to myself. Thanks so much Phoebe!" - Jesabe Warner

"I had a tarot session with Phoebe which was very illuminating. I found the experience with Phoebe respectful, insightful and encouraging. Thanks so much Phoebe." - Joanne Jones

"A gentle grounding and a familiar yet refreshing hand, Phoebe’s practice is a delightful experience. She has a unique ability to create a space to surrender too, inviting openness and the ability to delve deep into self to become your own Alchemist. Her natural intuitive capacity delivering many undeniable truths. Body work/massage, Reiki and tarot an amazing arsenal for a a beautiful natural healer. Thank you so very much for the gift of self nurturing!" - Kate Stroud

"I've had a few massages from the beautiful Phoebe! Every time she does I feel a powerful healing of calmness and amazing energy overcome my body! She's always so professional when it comes to her work - something she loves and connects with. I highly recommend her and I can't wait for another one!" - Tea Tonga

"Thank you Phoebe for my beautiful massage. Healing hands!" - Emilee Devine

"I had a tarot reading with the beautiful Phoebe and I was very happy! It was professional, insightful and full of direction. I walked away feeling comforted and great!" - Jessica Byrne

"Reiki & tarot sessions with Phoebe are a genuine, heartfelt & guided experience. She is divine." - Isabel Supiani

"My experience with Phoebe was amazing. I felt so comfortable and relaxed in a high stress time for me. Not only is Phoebe talented but she is so warm and engaging. Thank you again Phoebe!" - Amy Wallace

"I was lucky enough to be one of Phoebe’s first massage clients. Her magical hands are a perfect match for her beautiful soul." - Melinda Kate