Tarot has been around for centuries. Tarot remains relevant today, as it provides a means; a complete system, a reflective tool for personal growth & self discovery. It is a tool that mirrors aspects of Self, each card representing aspects of our whole, our psyche, our psychology, each card being a window to our soul.  Tarot speaks the universal language, assessable by all, the language of symbology.

Tarot, different to Oracle cards, has a 78 card system, based on fundamental Universal truths, numerology, astrology, elemental forces, archetypal energies within nature and thus human nature.

Tarot provides a solid, logical system to ground intuition and insights into form though the lens of our consciousness. Bringing to light aspects of our Self up for introspection and deeper understanding.

Phoebe provides a comprehensive 1HR Tarot reading, involving an 8 card spread around a central focus/question/aspect in your life that you would like to gain more insight, clarity & guidance around.  

Phoebe is a highly intuitive. She is an intuitive medium, empathetic, clairsentient, claircognizant, clairvoyant that channels insights through her mediumship, working with spirit, guides, and energy to offer insight & counsel. 

She grounds down this information by her thorough understanding of the logical framework of the Tarot system, making it easily understood, relatable, being uniquely catered to each client.

Phoebe does not focus on ‘fortune telling’ or overly predictive readings, although she does have the gift of precognition & have a sense of what’s to come.

Her focus in her Tarot readings is to help you navigate the process you are currently in, with reflective objectivity, to help you gain more clarity and guidance and context of what that is and how to best move forwards, what’s steps are needed, what is blocking/hindering you to aligning with your path and to your purpose.

Tarot Readings can be recorded by client’s own devices.

Want more insight, guidance & clarity?